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My name is Michal Fishbein and I live in Kfar Saba, Israel, along with my husband, our two children and our four cats.

I started my way in designing clothes and opened my own women's and children's clothing store. After that I've worked for seven years in bookstores, not feeling the need to create new things. All that have changed in 2013. I wanted to create again but this time, I decided to go back to my roots - Yiddishe Mama phrases, especially food-related ones (that, along with guilt, were a major ingredient in my family members’ relationship with one another, and with my Grandmother in particular). I started printing them on aprons and placemats and have since been designing and printing magnets, coasters, T-shirts and much more. The beauty of this phrases is that it doesn't matter where you grew up, or even if you're Jewish, many generations of children have heard them. Things like: "eat it, it's good for you", "there are children starving in Africa! Finish your food!" and of course "just wait until you have children".             

The best part of renewing the link with these never-forgotten (but at last forgiven) roots, is that it enables me to meet more and more people who've had the same passive-aggressive environment growing up and with whom I can laugh at it all.


About Oy Vey:

Oy Vey started in Hebrew as HaPolaniya (“The Polish mother”), even though these phrases are gender, age and ethnicity wide.

‘Oy Vey!’ is the Yiddish equivalent of “Oh no!” but it means much more! ‘Oy Vey!’ contains disappointment, criticism and lots and lots of passive-aggressive behavior.


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